Personalized blanket model-1


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Personalized blanket model-1

Very very nice personalized blanket models with you,

Do you think of a special gift for your lover, wife, child or friend, then we think the best gift you will make in these days when the winter starts to come slowly and shows itself will be our warm fleece and also our blankets with pictures.

Spend the winter more beautifully with a personalized blanket, whether you can use it as a gift or use it for yourself, you can print the picture of your loved ones, your spouse, your children or a precious friend and give it a gift.You can crown your love with fleece blankets.

If you are looking for a personalized blanket, you have come to the right place, with our beautiful personalized blankets, the designs of your home will be different and different, you can choose any of our different models or send us a picture of a design you want, and you can combine your home in a different way. To order a personalized blanket, first you choose one of the pictures in our gallery, then you determine the picture you want to print on the blanket and send it to us via WhatsApp, we design the picture with the model you want and throw it to you if you like it.
The fabric of our blankets is polar fabric, as long as it is washed at 30 degrees, it does not fade and the colors do not flow, so you can use it for many years.
With the arrival of winter, we have started to gradually remove our winter clothes, belongings and covers, our blankets are among these items, if you are bored with your old blankets or they are old and you want a different design duvet cover, our personalized blanket models are just for you.

With the coming of the cold, we have left our summer cottages aside and now we have started to remove our winter clothes, covers, and belongings. Our personalized blankets are just for you, we can prepare and present all the blanket models you have examined in the photos by sending the pictures you want. and we are sending you the picture of the design via WhatsApp, if you like it, we are going to the printing stage. You can give personalized blankets to your friends, spouse, lover or a friend on special days or you can make them as a gift for your child for your baby. You will really love our personalized blanket models with nice designs and quality fabric structure. We make our personalized blanket models in 3 groups, double We make it in 3 groups as single and baby blankets. Prices are different for each one.



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